Sustainability, For All

At Natur-Tec, we’re committed to creating a more sustainable future.

That means developing innovative technologies and products that address: climate change, use renewable materials, enable sustainable waste management, while maintaining the highest performance and processability.


Our research and development teams work tirelessly to deliver innovative technologies and products that integrate into the Circular Economy and Zero-Waste efforts.  Our resin platforms are engineered to be easily processed on standard processing equipment making it easier than ever to produce sustainable products.


It’s what we do.  We help our clients and partners meet their sustainability goals with biobased and compostable solutions and products.  All Natur-Tec® technologies and products are designed with your success in mind.

Committed To Sustainability

We’re dedicated to creating a sustainable future.

Our technologies and products address climate change, support waste management, and our industry expertise allows us to educate our partners and end users on the positive environmental impacts of Natur-Tec® products.